Apeks ATX40+40 Regulator Stage 3 Set

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The Apeks ATX40/40 stage 3 set combines the ATX40 with a ATX40 Octopus.

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DS4 First Stage & ATX40 Second Stage

The ATX 40 is Apek’s entry level regulator, it offers the high performance features you would expect from Apeks at an affordable price. It’s overbalanced first stage and pneumatically balanced second stage deliver quiet, silky smooth breathing that you will appreciate. Hose routing is easy to configure and the first stage has enough ports for your BC, octopus and dry suit inflation. The ATX 40 is CE cold water approved, suitable for any environment from tropical to the colder waters of the British Isles and can be used with Nitrox mixtures up to 40% from new or prepared to 100% O2 by our technicians.

ATX40 Octopus

The ATX Octopus is the perfect choice of alternate air source for the ATX40 and other Apeks regulators. It has all of the features that you will recognise from the ATX40 and is approved for use in water temperatures of above and below 10 degrees C. The venturi control lever helps you prevent unwanted free flows when used as a pre dive lever and you will find the high visibility yellow front cover along with the 39 inch yellow hose easy to locate when you need it.

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